The global market place for creative discovery, community and commerce.

From discovering the latest trends to connecting with talented vendors and shopping unique, handmade goods, Afrisoko is the ultimate global marketplace where creativity thrives, connections are forged, and shared goals are achieved through the power of community.

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A marketplace tailored to your dream and style.

The team at Afrisoko believes that a marketplace should reflect the unique dreams and style of its community of consumers and vendors.

Showcase your creations, reach new audiences and build a thriving business.

Afrisoko empowers creative entrepreneurs to transform their passion into thriving businesses. Join a dynamic community, access innovative tools, and tap into invaluable insights, all while showcasing your creations on a global stage.

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Leverage Afrisoko's powerful analytics tools to uncover buyer behaviour and optimize your product offerings.

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Break through geographic barriers and tap into a global community of passionate consumers with Afrisoko.

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Focus on creating exceptional products and your brand while our tools take care of the logistics.

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Build a seamless store front and delights your customers with a great shopping experience.

Discover, connect and contribute to a thriving future for creativity and commerce.


Be part of the rich world of creativity and commerce. Explore diverse range of handmade products, discover new perspectives on craftsmanship and culture. Connect with the makers behind each piece and learn about their processes, challenges,and triumphs.

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Make purchases with knowing that your payment and shipping is safe through our trusted platform.

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Discover products tailored to your interests, based on your browsing history and shopping preferences.

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Shop a wide range of unique goods from talented makers and artisans around the world.

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Connect directly with vendors to learn about their craft, ask questions, and support their small businesses.

Shaping a collaborative future.


The team at Afrisoko is open to brilliant ideas and impactful collaborations. If you’ve got an idea, feel free to share your ideas and explore partnership opportunities with the innovative team at Afrisoko. Let’s chat and turn your vision

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